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We are proud to present the very first cover performance that we have made together.

We are hoping that this song and our version of it will put a smile on your face, whether or not you have watched or a fan of Frozen. Cheers!


(PS: Infinite thanks to Ian Parfan Ortiz for producing this! “Producing” is an understatement.)

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I just woke up from a bad dream. I was talking to a cashier/barista at CBTL. I ordered frappe for takeout and reloaded my card for a thousand bucks, but I didn’t get what I paid for. The issue hasn’t been resolved even after half an hour. Then I went irate, striking the counter real hard with every swear word. All the eyes in the coffee shop were at me. Then it sank in to me while in the dream that this is just a dream. First off, Swirl card is not reloadable; it’s just a loyalty card. Secondly, and more importantly, I know that I used to have a real short temper. With my recent experiences, though, I’ve learned to keep my cool. One excellent life lesson that was slapped to my face by someone is that a moment of patience in a moment of anger spares you from a thousand moments of regret.

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What’s wrong with 1D? I mean, the guys can sing. And probably most people who don’t know their songs have listened to and enjoyed most of them without actually realizing that they’re 1D songs; and when they find out later on, they would all go hatin’.

Same goes with Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers. Riiight. I get it. You just don’t wanna be labeled gay or anything of the sort. Why does music have to have sexual discrimination anyway? And why can’t most straight guys like the music of coincidentally attractive male group who’s actually got talent? I’m not a fan of boybands. Not even close. I’m not a fan of a particular type of music, nor a specific artist. I’m a fan of good music — one whose melodies and harmonies not only catch my attention, but actually compel me to sing them the whole day or learn how to play them, because it has resonated in my ears as well as in my heart. Then come these people, comparing Westlife, BSB, ‘N Sync, etc. to One Direction, claiming the latter as not real artists as contrasted to the former. Where is the basis? Do you have ears? Or is it because when artists are at the peak of their career, you just have this compulsive urge to stray from the mainstream and think you’re better than the crowd? How pathetic is that?

#RANT! (and no, I’m not a Directioner.)

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